Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strike-A-Pose Cycle 2: Charlotte Fox

My sim, Charlotte (Fox), has made it to round 5 of SAP Cycle 2! I am rather ecstatic, although I am also equally worried. Even though the rules for the competition specifically state "no photo editing", the glossy, sparkling, crystal-clear totally-staged shots submitted by my competitors are enough to get me wondering if they're working some photoshop magic or just have abnormally gorgeous graphics? Mii confused >.<

Despite my disadvantage, my dearest Charli has made it yet another round. There have been some complications amongst the judges, though, which altered the competition and made things a little more fast-paced. One of the judges on panel signed up, but then never actually acted as a judge, from what I've heard...

I am also finding this "immunity" thing slightly frustrating. I thought it was only for Survivor, but apparently models too can receive this each week as a "prize" for their top efforts. So far, the same girl has won immunity every single it's rather pointless. If the judges all favour her, why don't they just hurry up and spare us and make her the winner already? Like, judges, at least try to make it seem like you think it's a tough choice to make every week. Please. Oh, and don't be so critical. We're all trying our best, and are taking a good two hours plus out of our day to meet your standards, rules, and guidelines. Spread some loovvee!

*rolls eyes at self in regards to above sentence* you know it's 3am when...

Another disadvantage that my Charlotte has is the simple coincidence that she had the same name as this Charlotte Rose chick, aka the one that snags all the immunity prizes week after week. From what I know with modeling competitions, they either love or hate this kind of thing...they can make it into a "The Final Two: Charlotte vs. Charlotte" or they can decide that they want more diversity and give one Charlotte the boot. And by the looks of the way it is now, the booted Charlotte could very well be me.

So, our latest challenge, shoot 5, is revolving around various holidays. Each model is given a holiday to channel into their photoshoot. But my question is, what if a jewish/islamic/muslim model was given a holiday that she didn't celebrate or believe in, like christmas for example? That would be so offending, I bet. I also bet that the judges didn't even think about that possibility. By the way, I'm sworn to secrecy to not reveal the holiday selected for me by the judges, so sorry my friends, no sneak previews! All I can say is that they gave me one of the hardest ones to work with. Whatever. But seriously, check out for all the photos from past shoots, model bios, and everything Strike-A-Pose. Peace, Love, and Sims!


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