Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best Sites For Free Sims3 CC

For those who are too lazy to read all of this: go to simscave.com. I personally think it's the best for Sims3 CAS parts, which is what I'm always on an endless search for (hair and clothes!)
Okay, I'm not recommending Peggy, because a lot of her nice stuff you have to pay for, and that drives me insane. Plus, whenever I try to load her website, it goes all screwy. Anyyway, if you want to add a site to this list, add a comment with the site address. I'd love to hear from you!

There's one more website that I want to add whose name escapes me at the moment...if I remember I'll add it.

Coming soon: "Hottest Hair of the Week" and a post called "Downloading Sims3 CC for Dummies"


Anonymous said...


©x3AlyyyKay™ said...

Thanks loads for this compilation!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
Also, Peggy doesn't load in google chrome fyi. It works best in internet explorer.

Anonymous said...

Anubis under the sun (one of my faves however rarely posts things but what there is are BEAUTIFUL)


Anon. said...


Lovely stuff: poses, clothes, sims, makeup and hair.

She has stopped creating however her items are still able to download!

Anonymous said...

have you tried the sims 3 resourse?
Is amazing . You have really nice clothes there are hundreds of pages of shoes , dresses , shorts , etc. Thank U for sharing the pages that you know with us, very helpful

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

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